Corrugated cardboard packaging

Our product range includes all kinds of packaging made from corrugated cardboard. If you need a special solution, we are most likely able to provide it for you. Our daily work is packaging design and production.

Food packaging

  • Packaging of fish products and meat products
  • Packaging of dairy products
  • Packaging of vegetables and fruit
  • Alcohol packaging
  • Pizza boxes

Packaging solutions ensure product freshness, protection, and food hygiene that meets current standards. It is possible to use the packaging to promote the products and the manufacturer using multi-colored printed packaging.

Industrial packaging

The packaging solutions have been developed to ensure that the product is sent to the customer undamaged and economically, regardless of the weight and size of the product. We have a lot of experience in the manufacture of packaging for flammable and explosive products and materials, and we can help in obtaining UN codes for packaging.

Packaging of essential goods

Packaging solutions have been developed taking into account the need to protect the contents of the package, to attract the consumer’s attention in the face of ever-increasing competition, and to emphasize the manufacturer’s image.

Transport packaging

Transport packaging is specially designed for transporting goods in different conditions. According to the need, a suitable material has been selected for the production of the package, which protects and ensures that the goods arrive at their destination undamaged.

Special purpose packaging

In addition to transportation, the packages have the additional function of displaying the goods on the shelves in retail outlets; in the packages, the products are protected and visible. The different stands also serve the same purpose.

Egg cartons

The cartons are made of durable material that protects the eggs from external influences. Stylish and functional design. We offer different sizes of egg cartons according to your needs.

Honeycomb cardboard

Honeycomb cardboard (Reboard) offers an ideal balance between lightness and strength. It is lightweight, which makes it convenient to transport, yet strong enough to carry a variety of products. Whether it is an advertising stand, the contents of a product package, or an element of a trade fair booth – the honeycomb cardboard can be adapted to your needs.


Our stands provide a premium and professional presentation for any event or marketing campaign. Each stand is designed to make your message noticeable and memorable.