Good packaging requires consideration of many small things, and it requires professionalism.

Our structural designers approach each of your needs individually and develop a package that is the best solution for you. On request, we will prepare a sample or a sample batch.

Technical support

We organize all the preparatory work for the production of the package, including the ordering of complex dies (matrices) and photopolymer clichés. In addition, we help solve technical issues, such as finding the optimal packaging method, optimizing packaging dimensions, and, if necessary, developing protective content for the goods.


Product packaging is done according to your wishes and instructions. We secure the packages installed on the pallets with tapes, wrap film around them, and, if necessary, use protective corners. In this way, we ensure that your products reach their destination safely and presentably.


If necessary, we will ensure the delivery of the goods to the address specified by you on the agreed day, either using our own means of transport or in cooperation with transport companies according to your unloading possibilities.

Support of structural designers

Our technologists will consult you on the selection of the most suitable type and structure of corrugated board for packaging. If necessary, we adapt the packaging according to the special requirements of your production lines. We apply your design to the packaging, ensuring it reflects your visual requirements.


We help with testing and certification of packages intended for transporting dangerous goods. Our company is FSC certified, which means that we follow established high forestry and sustainability standards, ensuring responsible and environmentally friendly business operations.


We ensure safe storage for your goods and carry out accurate inventory tracking. If necessary, we store your goods in our warehouses, enabling fast delivery. This option ensures the availability of your products and allows you to respond quickly to demand.